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Hello. I am Duane Brovan the creator and chief editor of Center for Political Awareness which is a non-partisan and non-religious website dedicated to building a community of nationally informed voters through information, facts and education on the US political system. Welcome to the website and please also follow us on Facebook.

Duane Brovan 
Owner/Creator/Chief Editor
Center for Political Awareness

Our Vision

Our vision is to help all people wishing to better understand how the United States government operates and the importance of informed voting.

Misson Statement

Center for Political Awareness is a non-partisan and non-religious website that supplies factual information and education on the three branches of the United States government: Legislative (House, Senate); Executive (President); and Judicial.


To supply free factual non-partisan and non-religious information on your elected officials: US House of Representatives, US Senators, US President, as well as, appointed US judges: Supreme Court Justices, District Court Judges, and District Appeals Court Judges. Also suppling education on the US political structure as set out by the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, and the three branches of the US government

All written material is sourced and verified with links to the sources. If by chance any information is proven incorrect, please contact us so we can correct the information. 

We feel it is important to be non-partisan as much as possible to give readers a better understanding of their individual elected officials’ actions, thoughts, experience and background. These people are to represent you and their district, state, and nation so it is important to know all about them. 

Who we are

We are a small business supplying factual balanced non-partisan information for free with no paywalls.

We are funded by viewer/member financial gifts that are used to pay for operating costs keeping this website relatively ad free with no paywalls. 

As soon as funds become available we plan on becoming a non-profit 502 (c) (3) organization so we can expand and help more people learn how to become an informed voter and then vote. 

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Enjoying what your are reading. Please donate to help with our operating expenses. Thank you!

Enjoying what your are reading. Please donate to help with our operating expenses. Thank you!

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