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“Likely to Weaponize Intelligence”: Experts Alarmed as Trump Poised to Get Security Briefings Again

Scholar worries Trump could “very easily endanger the lives of individuals in the intelligence apparatus”. (Click image for article.)

Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at Greensboro Coliseum on March 2, 2024 in Greensboro, North Carolina. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump is set to receive national security intelligence briefings once he secures the Republican nomination despite being indicted on charges that he mishandled classified materials after leaving office.

Barring any changes, once Trump is formally nominated at the Republican National Convention, he will be offered intelligence briefings ahead of the general election. Despite facing a “bevy of federal charges” stemming from his stash of classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago residence in August 2022, “nothing” would currently restrict Trump’s access to further classified information if he secures the Republican nomination this summer, unless he is convicted by a jury or pleads guilty, Javed Ali, former senior counterterrorism official at the Department of Homeland Security, told Salon.

Trump’s other legal charges, apart from those related to the classified documents investigation, may not influence his potential candidacy, Ali said. Only if these cases result in guilty verdicts would they potentially affect his candidacy, as both the presidential challenger and the incumbent receive classified briefings from the intelligence community.  

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