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Locals Say Eagle Pass Is Being Invaded by Christian Nationalists — Not Migrants

They say an influx of GOP governors and a far right convoy helped spread hate in their community over the weekend. (Click image for article.)

Photo: Eagle Pass residents with the newly formed Eagle Pass Border Coalition join with organizers from the No Border Wall Laredo Coalition in San Juan Park just before Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s news conference in Shelby Park on February 4, 2024, in Eagle Pass, Texas. CANDICE BERND


Eagle Pass, Texas—Residents of the border town at the center of an ongoing feud between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Biden administration made it clear over the weekend that the only people they see as “invaders” in their community are the 14 Republican governors and a convoy of Christian nationalists calling themselves “God’s Army.”

“There has been an invasion, but I’m not talking about the immigrants. The invasion is from Governor Abbott and his political rhetoric,” said Juanita Martinez, an Eagle Pass resident and chair of the Maverick County Democratic Party, on Friday outside the Maverick County Courthouse.

The state and federal government continue to face off over the town’s 47-acre municipal park, where Texas has for months been laying razor wire along the Rio Grande to prevent asylum seekers from crossing as part of Operation Lone Star. Late last month, the Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration in allowing Border Patrol agents to cut the wire to apprehend people crossing the river. The 5-4 decision didn’t specify that the state had to stop laying new wire, creating a legal loophole Abbott has exploited in the standoff.

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